Sunday, December 31, 2006

Google's failed products

Needless to say, the biggest, largest and most profitable organization to affect everyone's life in the past few years has been GOOGLE. The single company that has shook the foundations of Microsoft.

Even though Google has been so succesful, they have had a few failures. Few of the products where Google could have done better were -
1. Orkut - The social networking site of Google. This network is very popular in Brazil and India. It has yet to make a mark in US/Europe. The few major problems this network has are:-
a. Server returns error (Bad donut)
b. Too slow
c. Still doesnt have the basic feature of deleting a friend.
d. Non-intuitive interface.

2. Googlesheets - Word, Excel sheets from Google. It never clicked. Its hard to come close to the standards set by M$. Star-office and Open office have also been doing remarkably well (neither Google nor M$ products.)

Author - Sharad

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Anonymous said...

Man google sucks and there are lot of products of google which have fialed.
needless to sya buzz, google videos, notepad, mashables(actually this was replaced).
There remarkable products are Gmail, Gmap and its search engine thats it. Youtube was purchased by google never its own product.