Sunday, December 31, 2006

Taking pride in oneself

Recently I was listening to a distinguished gentleman who spoke articulately about some problems with Indian culture and Indian mentality. In his own words

  • Indians dont take pride in their own culture. They are blindly aping the western world. They never try to spread information about what was done to them, how British took over the country, how britishers came disguised as traders and then looted India.

  • People (Indians in particular) who speak two or more different languages generally end up as jack of both language and master of neither.

  • Indians lack creative writing skills. Its difficult to find an Indian who can speak articulately in Hindi for 15 mins. There are very few books being written in hindi these days and even though lot of people speak English, there are very few good authors or books written by them.

  • Biggest problem in India are the politicians. Why not give everyone 1 crore rupees and tell them to go live peacefully on any place they want. Just leave this country ....

  • Why doesnt Indian education system has mention of Indian people who made it big. In economics we dont talk about how Tata's, Birla's, Ambani's made it big. Why do we need to read about some random guy in timbaktoo who made it big. This makes a big difference in the kind of self esteem people have.

  • People in India believe in working very hard, earning a lot, trying to come up with new innovative ways to save taxes and become ambanis. Then what? No one wants to take control of the situation and change it. Everyone knows there are inherently so many problems with the indian society right now, corruption being the most problematic. Rich people dont realize they are rich. They are just blindly running behind more MONEY.

That is only one side of the coin. The vedas were written in India. We had the likes of Tulsidas, Kabir and their counterpart might be difficult to find in any culture. But that was hundreds of years back. What do we have today? What do we lack - guts, conviction, self belief, vision. You need to realize you are blessed. One must realize his potential and contribute in whatever way he can.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking so much about problems and not giving any solutions is so easy !

Rachna said...

making people aware of the prob is important...and abt solution..well its all about self realisation and implementation!! :)

Sandeep Bagchi said...

well said about the politicians..
and the money factor movivating the indian ppl..