Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The biggest problem in IIT Bombay - Authorities !

What I speak below is more relevant to IIT Bombay per se, but I know of similar instances / rules in all other IITs. To some extent people higher up the chain are always short-sighted?

Even though I am an alumnus of IIT Bombay now and technically should be least concerned about the state of affairs there, the recent news of proposed Internet restriction had me ROTFL ! Hats off to the super-brainy authorities who leave no stone unturned to make the life of students a living hell. Compulsory attendance (attending 80% of the classes is compulsory; as if  we were part of a jail), ban on usage of vechiles, curbs on PAF, technical and cultural fests and now the ban on internet usage are some of their most mind-blowing rules/ decisions / laws. 

I had been following the debate on IIT Bombay's internal mailing groups and was just a spectator. I have been a part of the system and I very well know that all cries of students are gonna end on deaf ears. They believe that overall student performance is going down, research output of IIT's is not at par with other world renowned univs and instead if looking at other means, they believe enforcing attendance and pulling the plug on internet is gonna do the trick for them. The authorities could not take a step let alone raise an issue when the so called stupid, illiterate, uneducated politicians took the decision of imposing quota (just for the sake of their vote banks).

I fail to understand - Why the authorities had to take it, at all? They had no vote banks to cater (ok fine ! These institutes are govt. funded and they cant do without it ) Why do authorities think that it's a problem at student's end at the first place? Why cant the autocratic rules be blamed? Why cant teaching be more fun? Why does a student feel forced to attend some classes and will go to others even without someone reminding him? The difference is great scientists not necessarily make great teachers. Professors maybe exceptional in their field but I for sure knew many sample ones who didnt knew how to speak loudly enough to be heard by the entire class, leave alone how to teach properly. Anyways, all this for some other time.

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Kartik said...

First visit on the blog..
I especially find it appalling that the media propagates statements like "Students don't know who lives two rooms away" and "The cultural activities are dwindling"
C'mon we have MoodI, PAF, Surbahar, Gyrations, Acoustic Dusk, Socials, BONDA, RANG's Kala Darshan etc..
And I haven't listed even a quarter of the total events that happen in cult scene!

Kartik said...

I hear that some bloggers in the US are highly rated, it's like they as big as the 'media' out there, in terms of popularity and impact.
Can you guys do an article on that? With the internet becoming more pervasive in India, it might be possible to see this happening in the future, esp. considering the kind of news that TOIlet publishes :P