Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hindi / Punjabi Online Radio Stations

Few weeks back I posted about Radio Teentaal (which was the only meaningful / high quality radio station I could find that time) After a little more time, I have figured out many other stations which play equally melodious songs with high quality and dont serve stupid ads.
The list can be endless if I include radio stations with bit-rate lower then 64. Here is my list of selected few which will save you a lot of search and help you tune into Hindi music anytime :-)

1. [Indian Pakistani Desi] DeSi-RaDiO [Hindi Urdu Punjabi] -
2. [Bollywood Indian Hindi] Live From Paris::You can request your personal fav hindi songs
3. [Hindi Desi]
4. [Hindi] Bollywood Oldies

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Ankur said...

Check out:
pick on City 101.6 That's my fav:)

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Thanks For Including DesiMusic247.Com

Anonymous said...

Plzz Visit
here u can evn get local language songs from India like Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali. Etc. So plzz do visit it.

hema said...

Thanks for the usefull radio links. I Think u forget to suggest a good web sit, which ia having all avilable hindi radio stations at one place its

Anonymous said...

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Sarah Moore said...

I am a big fan of Adult Contemporary music and the only radio station that plays a wide range of this music is 97.9 WRMF. I am also kept updated on the station’s latest promotions and community events. Visit their website for live streaming at .