Tuesday, April 1, 2008



why is life so sad
tell me, I'd be so glad
am I really that bad?

Ah, the crazy dream I had
to be a Carnegie Mellon grad
though I was a lazy lad
was I crazy was I mad?

Today I finally took my rad
didnt tell mommy didnt tell dad
life's crushing without a pad
very bad very bad!

Life suddenly is so bore
the dollar dreams are no more
not a single girl did I score
supposedly a daily chore.
baggin' jobs no fun nomore,
as it used to be before,
Chances bright they ignore,
though I knock loud on the door.

No more sleep,
no more snore.
throat too is really sore.
Dirty clothes I always wore,
full of stink, body odor.
Walking shoes I often tore,
Like my heart, my bloody core,
NY London - they did explore,
time to get new ones from store.

Let the wretched fate encore,
take me away from the shore,
Unless from heaven's galore,
you see me in deep deplore!

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Gagan said...

ahaan.. the facts are out..
I could relate to most of what is being said :)

Ankur said...

Khuli kitaab u c!

Anonymous said...

Really good man...
I think there are people other than you, including me, who will conform with these ideas!!
Seems so real :)

Ankur said...

Thnx boss!

Anonymous said...

Who said you didn't score a dame?

Shameless Liar :P

abhii said...

This is the first thing that came to my mind:

"Jawaan ho yaaron ye tumko hua kya?
Zamaana abhi hai khaali haath
Na honge sada ye din raat
Kabhi to banegi apni baat
Arre yaaron mere pyaaron meri maano dildaaron"


but, ur a man of many talents..photogrpahy, shayari..well done!!

madhurt said...

Nice one! Here's a reply I wrote two years ago :)


Santosh Kumar said...

'Why' are you in full form these days :)

Snehal said...

Sirji Apki Prerena Kaun hai?

Ankur said...

@ Snehal:

Now look who's talking!


Harpreet Singh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Harpreet Singh said...

yeah Gagz we all can relate :)

Oye Anky , Thomas Jefferson said
"When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."

I would say you've been a fighter , you won't be content with just hanging on but would start climbing up hence.

After all Kaylana and Pauls ka paani hai apne system mein.


Sahiba said...

The 21st century Edward Lear....

Shruti said...

Still confused.. life is so sad becoz "not a single girl did I score" or rest all other things :P

Nora said...

Very amusing! I could definitely relate to most of this, especially the lack of sleep...

Ah, memories! A fitting tribute to the CMU experience.

Anonymous said...

31 months down and I'm still wondering how could you miss "w**re" in this poem. You HAVE TO post the original version. Pretty please,
Me ;)

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