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GNU / Linux

There are many people in world using GNU/Linux system today. But very few of them must be knowing about the true origins of GNU/Linux. As a humor most of them don't pronounce even "linux" properly. Pronunciation of "Linux" by Linus Torvalds: Youtube Video.

Wikipedia says - Linux refers to any Unix-like computer operating system which uses the Linux kernel. The GNU/ Linux is whole operating system and linux is functioning as its kernel. The goal of GNU project initially was to develop a complete operating system like Unix. According to Richard Stallman his team had the whole system like compilers, text editors, UNIX shell, applications etc except kernel with them in early 90s. They were working on kernel project called "GNU hurd". In 1991, Linus Torvalds came out with a kernel called "Freax" as a replacement for Minix. The name "Linux" was coined by Ari Lemmke, who administered an FTP server belonging to the Finnish University Network; he invented the name Linux for the directory from which Torvalds' project was first available for download. "LINUX" filled the last and no doubt major gap to complete the GNU project.

The Free Software Foundation argues for the term GNU/Linux because GNU was a longstanding project to develop a free operating system, of which they argue the kernel was only the final small piece. Proponents of the Linux term contend that users and developers have overwhelmingly chosen to keep this shorter name and, since GNU is but one of many contributors to the operating system as a whole, a name change is not justified.

Finally, a Linux-based operating system has many components, including both the Linux kernel and software developed by the GNU project, as well as substantial amounts of software such as the X Window System by other authors. The Linux kernel has been reported to be the largest single component, while it is smaller than the total amount of code developed by the GNU project in a typical Linux distribution. Determining exactly what constitutes the "operating system" per se is a matter of continuing debate, however, since there is no single authority to determine the demarcation.

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Wikipedia Linux and GNU/Linux naming controversy.

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Priyanka said...

hey! i think its nt matter of how ppl pronounce "Linus", point is how ppl pronounce Linux. even Linus Torvalds is also like Linus can be pronounced diffly in diff languages but "Linux" is always "Linux". And he always says, pronounce "Lunix" properly. like:

# Pronunciation :

In 1992, Torvalds explained how he pronounces the word Linux:
“ 'li' is pronounced with a short [ee] sound: compare prInt, mInImal etc. 'nux' is also short, non-diphtong, like in pUt. It's partly due to minix: linux was just my working name for the thing, and as I wrote it to replace minix on my system, the result is what it is... linus' minix became linux. „

—Linus Torvalds, comp.os.linux newsgroup[33]

# http://www.paul.sladen.org/pronunciation/

# http://suseroot.com/about-suse-linux/how-do-you-pronounce-linux.php