Wednesday, January 10, 2007

News Update

Author - Sharad

Hmm so lets see whats going around the world.

Apple's Iphone is the big news in the market. Apples stocks are soaring high ! (More links - How apple kept it a secret, Guardian - Scramble starts , NY Times- Apple waves its wand, again)

Cisco sues Apple
over Iphone name.

India successfully launched the 10th PSLV (Polar Sattelite Launching Vehicle) and fired off 4 satellites from a single rocket. Woo hoo :) Indian scientists still need to work on GSLV's (Geo-synchronous Space Launching Vehicle) to be considered at par with the Russians, Americans and EU. (Links Hindustan Times, Statesman)

Michael reports - Ebay buying StubHub.

Tailrank Reddit

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