Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Install ubuntu from windows !

The announcement of new Ubuntu installer.exe is a big step in easing the life of so many newbies. Now you can install ubuntu and its flavors without getting into the hassle of Live CDs and worrying about how to repartition your hard drive or figuring out the complexities of a dual-boot setup. 

The new Ubuntu Windows installer lets you run the Linux distro without effecting your windows setup.

From lifehacker - In other words, it's like a live CD without the CD. Just run the installer, which in turn downloads a disk image of Ubuntu (actually, your choice of four Ubuntu distros), and then reboot your PC. Choose the desired boot option from the menu that appears, and presto: You're running Linux. This is a working prototype, not a finished product, so user beware. It didn't work on my Vista box (I discovered after the fact that Vista isn't supported yet), but it ran like a gem on an XP system.

Great way to run Ubuntu without the hassles of partitioning or burning a live CD!

Ubuntu windows prototype.

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